Are you spending tons on clinics without lasting results?

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Have you ever invested your precious time, limited energy and hard-earned money on a clinic and not had lasting positive results?

Has your clinician or trainer asked you to relax your legs, tighten your core, or sit deeper in the saddle, but your ride went worse? You got frustrated, and your horse did too because he didn’t know what you were asking for? Or, you tried to implement what you learned at home and your body wouldn’t cooperate?

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault (or your trainer’s)

But it does impact YOUR pocketbook and YOUR stress level, and not for the better.

Linda was upset because her pain, stiffness and posture problems stopped her progress

She’d had years of stiff shoulders and legs and she was frustrated because her horse wasn’t going as well as she knew he could. We worked together for a few sessions, and I showed her how to free up her body “on demand” with the Alexander Technique.

Now, her trainer says “when I ask you to do something, you can do it!”

Her rides improved right away. She moves her arms, legs and pelvis independently, and her posture is more upright, without rigidity. Riding is more comfortable and satisfying for her, and she has a better connection with her horse. As a bonus, her stiffness and pain is less and less every day. Yay!

Is this you?

Stuff that that prevents riders from maximizing their results:

  • stiffness – old injuries
  • pain – injuries, recovering from surgery
  • ongoing conditions – sciatica, scoliosis, frozen shoulder
  • posture – can’t move legs, pelvis and arms independently
  • mixed signals – horse gets confused
  • stress and anxiety – lack of confidence, horse picks up on stress

If any of these impact YOUR riding, we can help

Like Linda, you can get more out of your investment in clinics and training and feel great doing it!

My gift to you — a no-cost Posture Pain and Stress Assessment ($97 value)

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Emily Clark, of, is an Alexander Technique Certified Instructor who teaches horseback riders of all disciplines to eliminate pain and improve their posture so they can ride as one every ride.

She’s worked with equestrians for over 11 years. She loves working with riders because they’re so passionate about what they do.

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