Pain is a thief—don’t let it rob you [VIDEO]

Hey riders, Emily here, from Many riders suffer needlessly with pain. I help clients shift harmful posture habits that create discomfort.

Together, we create new habits of effortless posture. Clients say they feel great and connect with their horse every single ride.

Remember, pain is a thief. Don’t let it rob you.

Click here to get a copy of my free report, The Secrets of Pain Free Riders. Til next time, stay tall in the saddle!

Alexander Technique and Equestrians – Spotlight #1: Force vs. Allowing

According to Erik Herbermann in the April 2012 issue of USDF Connection, “Few things sabotage our endeavors to achieve harmony with the horse and to elicit his willing participation more than force…”

The dictionary says force is “compelling, constraining, or obliging (oneself or someone) to do something” or “driving or propelling against resistance.”

When Force Doesn’t Work Anymore

The use of mental or physical force implies a fixed mental attitude “It’s my way or the highway” and a rigid physical attitude “I have to make this horse go”.

If you have a fixed mental attitude with your horse, it’s likely you have a similar attitude regarding yourself.

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What is pain costing you?

Sand slipping through an hourglassAs Sofia on The Golden Girls used to say, “Picture this…” A woman lying on the sofa, clearly in pain. She’d love to meet her friends for a coffee or go riding, but all she can do is endure, try to protect the area that hurts, and put off all those fun things she loves to do.

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