[Tip of the Month] Stop Clamping Down Your Posture & Start Going Up Right Now

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Illustration courtesy of Stuart Miles freedigitalphotos.net

Are you bothered by pain or posture problems like slumping? If the answer is yes, you could be making the problem worse by unknowingly tightening and clamping down your body. Read on for a tip to nip this pattern in the bud and start going up instead. Going up relieves the tension and makes you effortlessly taller.

What triggers clamping down?

Stress is the cause of so much unnecessary tension in our bodies! How do you know if you’re clamping down without realizing it? Are you dealing with one or more of these types of stress on a regular basis?

  • Time stress “I’ve got to get all the horses fed before I go to work”
  • Emotional stress “My partner’s upset with me because I complained about the socks on the floor”
  • Physical stress “My shoulder is tense”
  • Postural stress “My trainer says I brace my back (drill sergeant) or slump in the saddle”

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Got pain when you work, exercise or relax? [VIDEO]

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What:  Back Pain Be Gone Free Preview

When:  Monday September 21

Time:  6:30 – 8:00 pm

Where: 5001 SE Brooklyn St.

Portland, OR 97206

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Hi, Emily here, from TheSuppleRider.com. If you live in the Portland area and have pain when you work, exercise or relax, you’re in the right place.

Did you know that posture problems are a huge cause of pain? The good news is, there’s a solution for that.It’s a simple easy class called Back Pain Be Gone.

Join us for a free preview Monday, September 21stat 6:30 in NE Portland. Click here for more information and registration.

Til then, remember: pain is a thief. Don’t let it rob you.

See you in September!

Secrets of Pain-Free Horseback Riders: Posture Without Strain = Effortless Connection

For over 10 years now, I’ve been teaching horseback riders the secret to releasing persistent back, neck, shoulder and hip pain: freeing up tension in their bodies.

Riders usually have one of two priorities: achieve true connection with their horse, or become a better rider; preferably both!

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