Free 10-minute Audio Guide
to Active Rest

What is Active Rest?

Active RestActive Rest (also called the Balanced Resting State or Semi-supine) is a simple lying down procedure that is one of the cornerstones of the Alexander Technique.

On the recording, Emily guides you as you set aside the stresses of your day, access your body-mind connection and chill out with intention. It only takes 10 minutes, so it’s not that hard to take this time for yourself.

7 Benefits of Active Rest

  • Unwind body tension
  • Melt away emotional stress
  • Free your breathing
  • Come into the present moment
  • Tune in to your body
  • Enjoy “me time”
  • Turn off the “I should…” tape running in your head

7 Ways to Use Active Rest

  • Start your day with intention
  • After a hard day’s work
  • Before an important presentation, show or event
  • Before riding or other exercise
  • After riding or other exercise
  • When you’re nervous or afraid
  • When you want to feel your best