Got back pain? How to hire the best practitioner for you—3 tips

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Are you struggling with back pain, posture problems, or any condition where excess muscle tension is a factor? Come to think of it, that includes just about any “dis-ease” or discomfort there is. Learning the Alexander Technique is a simple way to rediscover your natural well-being and balance.

But before you work with an Alexander Technique instructor or other practitioner, you need to get a feel for whether they’re right for you.

Tip 1: Are they focused on your desired outcomes?

Do they offer an assessment or “discovery session”? This is a sign of an experienced practitioner. They should ask you detailed questions about your history, where you feel stuck, where you want to go.

Tip 2: Do they tell you how to get there?

The best practitioners are experts in their field, so while they may not know exactly how many sessions it will take, they have a pretty good idea. Rather than take a “let’s see how it goes” approach, it’s great to have a practitioner who maps out a plan for the number of initial sessions and a maintenance plan. This tells you they’re holding your ultimate health in mind.

Tip 3: Do you click with them?

This is the most important factor. Do you feel comfortable with them? What does your gut say? When there’s a good fit, they should ASK for your business. A great practitioner will also tell you if they don’t think you’re a good fit, for whatever reason. They should offer you a referral to another qualified professional.

Take care shopping for an Alexander Technique instructor and you’ll be glad you did!  To get help right now, contact us here or at 503 505 4155.

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