Pain is a thief—don’t let it rob you [VIDEO]

Hey riders, Emily here, from Many riders suffer needlessly with pain. I help clients shift harmful posture habits that create discomfort.

Together, we create new habits of effortless posture. Clients say they feel great and connect with their horse every single ride.

Remember, pain is a thief. Don’t let it rob you.

Click here to get a copy of my free report, The Secrets of Pain Free Riders. Til next time, stay tall in the saddle!

About Emily Clark

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Emily Clark, of, is an Alexander Technique Certified Instructor who teaches horseback riders of all disciplines to eliminate pain and improve their posture so they can ride as one every ride.

She’s worked with equestrians for over 11 years. She loves working with riders because they’re so passionate about what they do.

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