Private Alexander Technique Lessons

Private lessons are the classic way to learn the Alexander Technique and the most effective, because you have individualized attention the entire time.

For an overview of what a lesson is like, check out our FAQ page.

We offer two packages designed to meet your needs: 6 lessons or 12 lessons. Give us a call at 503 505 4155, or contact us by email to find out which package makes sense for you.

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Breakthrough Package

6 60-minute Alexander Technique lessons

  • Assessment
  • Quick email or 5-minute phone check-ins between lessons
  • BONUS – Alexander Journal & Workbook

The Breakthrough Package is for those who want to get a solid grounding in the principles of the Alexander Technique and see results in a short time.

Over 6 weeks consecutive weeks you’ll become aware of unhelpful habits that contribute to pain, anxiety and stress. You’ll learn new, healthier habits that you can use anytime to feel better, calmer and less stressed.

During your 6 week program you’ll feel more upright and likely have significantly less (or no) pain. You’ll notice that when you apply what you’ve learned, you’re more connected with your horse and he goes better.

Your journal & workbook support your understanding and give you a place to track your progress.

You’ll learn a simple lying-down activity called Active Rest that you can do at home for 10 minutes a day. It’ll help you unwind tension, pain and stress on a daily basis.

You’ll start to notice improvement in how you feel during everyday activities, like working at the computer.

During your Strategy Session we’ll chat about how to keep your new skills and habits working for you over time.

The Supple Rider Package

12 60-minute Alexander Technique lessons

  • Quick email or 5-minute phone check-ins between lessons
  • BONUS – Alexander journal & workbook
  • BONUS – Active Rest mat
  • BONUS – An extra session as our gift

The Supple Rider Package is a 12-week program for those who want to improve their posture, eliminate pain and enjoy their riding more than ever before.

This is a long-term wellness approach rather than a “band-aid” approach to acute symptoms. In addition to 11 private Alexander Lessons, Supple Riders receive everything in the Breakthrough package and more. Two  bonus gifts include an Active Rest mat, and an additional lesson as our gift to you.