[Rider Resource] Can equine thermography tell me where my horse hurts?

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Today we’re chatting with Tom Cernansky, owner of Animal Infrared Imaging about equine thermography.

Tom, what is equine thermography?

Tom Cernansky and client

Tom Cernansky and client

It’s a non-invasive and sedation-free medical modality designed for early detection of hard-to-diagnose animal lameness, injury and disease. Since horses mask their injuries or present as lame for obscure reasons, thermography can accurately pinpoint the location and nature of their injuries.

Our service is non-invasive, sedation-free and mobile (we can come to your stable, no need to trailer your injured horse anywhere). In one brief session, we scan the whole animal and provide you with a detailed findings report (written by a vet) within 3 – 5 business days.

How can horse owners find the best equine thermographer?

You should look for a veterinary-grade thermographer, which includes the scan AND interpretation by a veterinarian specializing in thermology. You can then forward the written report to your own vet.

What do horse owners NOT know that they should?

thermographic imageHorse owners know their animals well, but are sometimes baffled when it comes to the cause of lameness. In turn, they end up spending excessive amounts of time and money trying to find out where their animal hurts, and why.

Veterinary thermography is highly accurate, time- and cost-effective. It provides specific answers, so the primary vet knows where to focus their attention to come up with a diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love working with animals and their passionate owners. Providing owners with expedient and accurate insights to questions about what is causing the  lameness and trauma of their beloved pets is very rewarding to me.

More Information

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Human thermography – Tom also provides human medical thermography at the Thermography Center of Oregon.

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