[Rider Resource] Should you be a horse whisperer or a horse listener?


Gwenyth Santagate

Welcome to our Rider Resource blog series, where we talk to equine professionals providing solutions for riders and horse owners.

Today we’re chatting with Gwenyth Santagate, Equine Behavioral Specialist and owner of Penzance Equine Integrative Solutions.

Hi Gwenyth, what do you do?

I’m a horsemanship coach. I help horse owners understand their horses and how to communicate effectively with them so they can establish a partnership based on deep mutual trust.

I speak for the horses who have no voice. It’s not about “horse whispering” … it’s about “horse listening”.

Tell us a little more about that

Horses are really not much different that we humans are; they just wear different suits.  It’s important to understand this as they are very intelligent critters and extremely sensitive to our energies. I have a ‘motto’ for Penzance – “It’s all about what’s in your heart and how you use it.” … while your body and voice may be “shouting” one thing, the horse hears your heart louder than anything else. The horse FEELS your heart … and knows and feels your intent each moment.

Gwenyth and Red at a clicker training demonstration in Rehoboth, MA

Gwenyth and Red at a clicker training demonstration in Rehoboth, MA

What do you love most about what you do?

I love watching horses come to the realization they DO have voices and are allowed to make choices. That they are allowed to be their unique individual selves and will be respected as individuals. That even when they are ‘acting out’ they are allowed to express their opinions and they won’t be punished for them.

I also love the healing they give to us. I love watching the spiritual connections that happen between my clients and their ‘problem’ horses … and the joy and the peace that comes about as a result of the connections. Its pure, its honest, its truly awe-some.

Can’t really say what I love the most .. I just love the horses.

Where are you located?

I’m based in Florida, and I work with horse owners all over the world.

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  1. Gwen is my horsemanship coach and over the last few years has helped me to open the doors between my horse and myself. My horse and I have both become more trusting and patient and we are constantly learning new things. Gwen taught me how to work and play with my horse in ways that make us both happy. She teaches and asks questions that really make me think, and in doing so causes improvement in the way I interact with my horse. An additional benefit to all of this that it also helped me in my relationships with other people. If you have difficulty with a horse, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Gwen.

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