[RIDER’S POSTURE TIP] Up, up and away

As an Alexander Technique instructor who shows horseback riders how to find effortless posture and balance, I notice when I mention the p word, lots of people get nervous.  I was speaking to a wonderful group of riders this week in Salem, OR and I noticed several of them shifting in their chairs. Our traditional idea of sitting up straight feels uncomfortable and unsustainable because it is.

The posture I’m talking about is what I call “posture that works for you”. That means it’s easy, it feels good and you can experience it by using your mind.

Welcome to the second of a

Rider's Posture Tip Direction Up for Mobility


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Emily Clark, of TheSuppleRider.com, is an Alexander Technique Certified Instructor who teaches horseback riders of all disciplines to eliminate pain and improve their posture so they can ride as one every ride.

She’s worked with equestrians for over 11 years. She loves working with riders because they’re so passionate about what they do.

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