KeySuppleGraphicCONFIRMReady to relieve posture problems, pain & stiffness?


The Key to Rider Suppleness
with Active Rest

Wednesday, March 9
6:00 – 6:45 pm Pacific Time
The comfort of your own computer or mobile device
How much:
No cost ($27 value)

What we’ll cover

Active Rest is an effective strategy for reducing pain and stiffness, and creating ease. During this live, experiential class we’ll cover:
  • What it is
  • Exactly how to do Active Rest
  • How it helps
It’s super easy and practicing daily for 10 minutes saves time, money and prevents reinjury.

What to bring

  • Yoga mat or towel
  • 3 inch stack of paperback books
  • Willingness to learn

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What you can expect

To feel more free, at ease and in balance.

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What people are saying

“When I free my neck, all my tension goes *POOF*!” —L. Stuckenschneider

“My pinched nerve was 60% better the next day, and my pain was completely gone a week later. I do “Emily’s exercises” every night. Emily’s manner of teaching is slow, soothing and effective. Thank you, Ms. Em!” —M.J. Weigel

“Practicing active rest helps me sleep better and I am making progress healing long standing pain.” —D. Ivanoff

See you there!